Monday, 7 June 2010

Stick a Fork In - I'm Done!

Where did the time go? It's now seven months since I last posted...

Here is a refresher of what I started doing and what it looked like back on August 19th last year.

I have not had time to blog here. I have been blogging elsewhere at the original LucyFurLeaps site and the new LucyFurLeaps strictly all about poetry site.
No blogging here though...but I have been working in the garden.

I steadily cleared, cut, weeded and dug away over the winter. Of course it helped that everything started to die back and from my last post I continued to work in any spare half hour or break from studying I got. At the weekends one of my nieces would come over sometimes on a saturday and help with a bit of digging and child-minding. Thanks Emily!

By March I had almost cleared one side and was slowly digging out as many of the bramble roots as possible.
After Easter my good friends Kat and Paul, and their wonderful daughter Maya, came to help me and Sam set up our vegetable patch. A hard day's digging, organising, clearing and assembling of a couple of raised beds and the overgrown wilderness is transformed!

It was a relief and a joy to finally have some help. I had achieved a lot by myself but with three people and a full day the aim of setting up a vegetable patch was finally realised. Thanks guys - I couldn't have got it done without you!

A proper write up of the setting up of the veg patch will follow...
There is so much to write about- and now that I have finished my second year at university I have some time. I will now be updating this site regularly.

Anything is possible!

Love, Love, Love xxx


  1. Coming along nicely ;) xx

  2. you are very welocome! we had a lovely weekend! kat